Youth Baseball Story Ends Happily

Call me corny, but this story touched me. Seems a baseball travel team in the little town of Hobart, Indiana, was ripped off by its coach. Parents had ponied up nearly $700 a piece for uniforms and other expenses in preparation for the season.

The team’s manager allegedly took the money and ran. The player and parents were left only with empty pockets. No uniforms, no registrations for tournaments, no season, nothing.

Naturally, they were crushed. Everything they’d worked toward was gone. But the story has a happy ending, one of those real-life happenings that reaffirms your faith in human nature.

When the story hit the media, a number of people stepped up and offered to help. Most helpful was Jim Garner, owner of the Sports Station in Tinley Park, located nearly 50 miles away. He donated uniforms to the Hobart kids so they could play their scheduled games.

When asked why he made such a sacrificed to a team not even located in his area, he said, ”I heard about it, and I knew I had to do something. You just feel bad for the kids. They were left with no direction.”

In an even stranger story, a district attorney in Worcester, Massachusetts, took a different approach – stealing public money to buy youth sports uniforms and upgrade playing fields.

We all know that the cost of playing youth sports continues to grow. I guess we all need to be sure our money is going where it’s supposed to go.


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