Developing Pitchers

On the first day of practice, you’re likely to get a lot of kids asking to pitch. It’s the glamor spot, one that the best athletes crave. They like the attention, sure, and they like being in on every play.

But which players should you choose as your pitchers, and how can you help them develop? This short article from provides some answers to those questions and offers some good ideas for teaching kids the basics of this challenging position.

There are few things in baseball–for the kids and for the coaches–as frustrating as when a pitcher struggles to throw strikes. It’s no fun for anyone, even the opposing team, when one batter after the next trots to first after hearing “ball four.” The article provides a few good tips for teaching the windup and follow-through that will help your pitcher find the strike zone.

If you want to give your pitchers some good drills to teach the basic mechanics, this video from Tom House at offers some great options, taking you through several drills that teach basic techniques you can use with all but the youngest of kids. The drills help pitchers learn proper form that they can repeat. When pitchers can repeat their delivery over and over, they will be more consistent and will be better able to maintain their control throughout the game. You’ll develop pitchers who are confident that they can throw strikes, which will make them more better able to do it and will allow them to have even more fun.

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